Choosing Transmitter for a Radio Station

The coverage area for a radio station is determined by the choice of transmitter.

When choosing a transmitter, the first thing to be considered is the power of the transmitter. The power of the transmitter is measure ind Watts. The power decides the radius over which the transmission will take place. A higher power transmitter will be able to relay over a longer distance.

Listed below is an indicative table that gives the transmission radius range for different transmitters:

Power in Watts Approximate radius of coverage (in miles)
1 W 1-3
5 W 4-5
15 W 6-7
30 W 8-9
100 W 14-17

The choice may vary based on your expected geographical coverage area. A 30 Watt transmitter is the minimum recommended for people planning for a commercial radio station. The higher the power, the larger the area covered. Relaying beyond a 17 miles radius is not possible for FM radio stations.

Moreover this is just an indicative range. The radius may slightly differ amongst transmitters of different companies. Ask these details from various vendors.

To choose a transmitter, first find out the radius over which you want to broadcast and then approach different vendors for quotes and terms.