Starting Christian Radio Station – Pitfalls to avoid

Starting a Christian radio is perhaps one of the best ways to spread the gospel.

To start a christian radio station is an easy task. But if you look back at the history of christian radio stations you will be surprised to  know that many of them could not sustain in their activity for a pretty long time after inception.

I have listed down some of the prime reasons why community radio stations failed to sustain below. An understanding of these issues will help new start ups avoid these pitfalls.


1. Absence of long term funds or commitment for funds from subscribers.

2. Individuals of the community with different personal aspirations and expectations which would be in congruent with the objectives of the radio station, leading to reduction of interest over a period of time.

3. Absence of a good quality content to attract and retain a listener’s base

4.  Absence of a good leadership that is acceptable to all community station subscribers.

5. Absence of a long term vision for the radio station.

6. Technological obsolescence which the community radio station could not cope up with due to absence of funds for renovation.

7. Absence of long term – realistic planning.

8. Non fixing of individual responsibilities and handling the Christian radio station as a non professional entity.

Please remember that if you do not manage the Christian Radio station jsut like any other commercial radio station, it will not be self sustainable.

In that case the success of the Christian radio station will have to rely on several extraneous factors outside your control which is certainly not healthy.

Well you will agree that setting up a radio station is an exhaustive topic, much beyond the scope of a few articles on the subject. Therefore we have drafted a complete blueprint kit that you can download by clicking on the image link above.