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We are a global consortium of radio station and broadcast consultants. Our listed  consultants have set up radio stations in more than 70 countries of the world.

Consultancy section We offer turnkey solutions for setting up of radio stations. You can also avail specific services on technical, financial, work force related, legal, program designing, market surveys and other tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements pertaining to the radio station Industry. Just drop in your queries in the consultancy section and we will revert back within 36 hours.

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If you are an absolute beginner, you can warm up by reading through lots of content posted in the free section on on how to start your own radio station.  Alternatively, you can instantly download a radio station business plan which has been adapted from a successful radio station business  for the guidance of beginners.For more details:

Visit:  Radio station Business Blueprint


Random Posts (from Free tutorials section)

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Starting a Community Radio station – I need not tell this, but you firstly need a registered non profit organization before you think about starting a Community radio station. For this you will need to register a group either as a society or a trust. This might..Read More

3 college students  and their radio stationAmazing account of how 3 college students started their radio station from within the campus. And how it turned into a a global media house in just 3 years.Read more..

Drafting a deserving license applicationLearn how not to leave your application at the mercy of the license regulators. Drafting a license application form that delivers is an art
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Interview of Alexander Zahn, President & founder –‘Slope Radio’ – the first all-student-produced radio station.(on challenges faced by young people in starting a radio station) Today, 3 years after inception, ‘Slope radio’ is a global media house that also  runs a profitable television channel & publishes magazines in 6 different niches, reaching out to people across 7 countries  of the world….. See Videos.