Must-Have Software Programs for Radio Station

A lot of functions that were managed using costly equipments until a few year back are now entrusted to software programs. This has not only reduced the radio station setup cost considerably, but it has also offered wide flexibility to radio station owners.

Most of the software programs used in a radio station setup are available at very low prices (You also have free software program alternatives for most of them as well)

Listed below are the major software programs used in a typical  radio station setup.

1. Audio Mixing & Editing software

The mixing software is the lifeline of a radio station. This replaces the large music mixing console that was so common in earlier FM radio stations. The market is flooded with mixing software programs. And there is nothing that I will recommend. What may be a good software today might become out dated tomorrow.

Any software that offers unlimited multi-track mixing capabilities, allows for creating my own mixes and remixes, generates good quality output, is backed by proper after sales service and offers the possibility of extending features by adding plug ins, is fine with me of a radio station setup. There are loads of free mixing software available out they may not be as good as the paid ones.

2.Audio Compression Software

The primary function of a audio compression software is to control the volume of different soundtracks and to provide a stable output. This is also required to ensure that audio is broadcast within the limited broadcasting abilities and other technical parameters of the transmitter without any transmission modification or losses. This is a vial software for any radio station setup.

3. Recording Software

This software is used to record music, voice and other audio signals. Also allows for adding effects like echo, amplification, noise reduction etc. This forms the backbone for live program broadcasting in a typical radio station setup.

Other Programs(optional)

Telephone Line Recording Software – This allows you to record multiple incoming telephone calls, edit them, sequence them and then add to the broadcasting program.

Commercial Break Management Software – This software is used to automatically trigger commercial breaks using certain predefined parameters.

Sweepers, Promos, Text to Voice Software – There are thousands of other utility add ons that you can try to give extra effect to your programs.


The top three software affect the quality of broadcast. You should therefore settle for nothing but the best that your budget permits. (if you come across a free software that offers all these features there is no stopping from using the free versions).

For others you can explore from amongst a large number of free software or even buy them subject to your budget. Most of the software companies allow for demos. Check out at as many software programs, compare their features and prices before you make a decision.