Setting up a Nonprofit Radio Station

A non profit radio station varies in terms of its intent from a  Commercial radio station. But the processes involved in  Setting up a non profit radio station is almost exctly similar to that of setting up a commercial radio station.


The infrastructure required is the same, the technicalities involved are again the same. In fact any one contemplating of setting up a community radio station would stand in good stead if he handles the entire process as professionally as is done in case of commercial radio stations.

The only difference  between the two types of radio station lies in the part involving setting up of a stable revenue stream for the radio station.

While a commercial station would rely on revenue from airing commercials, the non profit station would rely on money generated from subscriptions, aids and grants.

Thus if one is keen to set up a not for profit radio station, he should draft the radio station business plan using the  same set of instructions that are applied to any other radio station with minor modifications in the financial planning pertaining to revenue generation.

For more information on how to proceed, you can begin by reading the tutorial titled How to start a Community radio station. After having read through it , readers can then access the exhaustive tutorials posted under the free tutorials section of this website.

Alternatively, one can purchase the book titled “A step-by-step guide to set up a Commercial radio station” and apply it verbatim except for the financial planning section.

When you come to the financial appraisal section of the book , you can write back to us  and we will send you the modified  financial blue print for free. This section can be  instead applied to a non commercial set up.

If you want to set up a turnkey radio station project from scratch, you can also write back to is for availing our consultancy services.