How to Set up a Sustainable Community Radio Station

A lot many people ask us as to how to set up a sustainable community radio station.

Sustainability of community radio stations is a major concern being discussed across the globe. Absence of economic angle of a community radio station implies that that there is no stable revenue stream for the radio station. This makes it vulnerable to severe financial strain.


Fund is the life and blood for any sustainable activity and community radio stations are no exception to this rule. However there are few non profit radio stations that have cut across this limitation. A study of these radio stations will make the difference between a good and bad management practices very clear.

We have seen that any community radio station which has been able to withstand the economic pressure are those that are managed very professionally like any commercial radio station. This means that they plan, they prepare budgets, produce quality content that attracts, retains and grows the listener base, they delegate responsibilities, set up an accountable staff structure and take corrective actions when the notice deviations from the budgets and plan and there is an identifiable and effective leadership which takes onus of running the radio station.

Perhaps the most common mistake of community radio station owners is that they fail to handle it like a commercial station. Now don’t mistake me here – I am not talking about selling advertisements like a commercial radio station. I am talking about managing the costs and finances in the manner it is handled by successful commercial radio stations.

I am talking about handling program expenses in the manner of commercial radio stations.

Well you will agree that the sustainability of a community radio station or perhaps setting up a community radio station is an exhaustive topic, much beyond the scope of a few articles on the topic. What I would rather suggest is that you read the complete radio station business blueprint for a guidance on how this is managed by successful radio stations the world over. You can download this exhaustive resource by paying a moderate amount.

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