Radio Station Business Blueprint Kit

What’s inside this ‘Radio station Business Blueprint Kit™ ?

The kit comprises of a series of 3 manuals.

Series 1 – Step by step guide to start a radio station

Foundation building for absolute beginners

  • The Basic radio station concepts & information
  • Understanding technicalities in layman terms
  • Human resource aspects of a radio station
  • Understanding Basic Financial aspects
  • Basics of Studio & Infrastructure designing
  • Common Mistakes to be avoided

(Includes a bonus section on how to convert a Personal Computer into a full FM broadcast station)

Series 2 – Financial planning for starting a radio station

Understanding Everything financial about a radio station

  • One-time set up cost of a radio station
  • Income projections of radio station
  • Recurring costs of running a radio station
  • Sample Income a/c & balance sheet
  • Draft Budget for your radio station
  • Fund flow statement for station
  • Financial feasibility study
  • Funding the station (personal/banks/investors)

Series 3 – Radio station business plan (The final blueprint)

The Complete final Blueprint of a radio station

  • The complete Business plan for a radio station
  • Consolidates whatever you will learn in the previous two series
  • Adapted from the Business Plan of a very successful radio station
    (with data modified to maintain their privacy)
  • An easily replicable business model
  • A very scalable model that is suitable for very small budget stations as well as for setting up a mega radio stations

Series 4 – 21 Must Have Free resources to start a radio station

Resources that will –

  • Greatly reduce your cost of setting up a radio station
  • Improve the quality of your broadcast (did I say at a lower price?)
  • Help you better manage your radio station administration
  • Help you fight obsolescence of your radio station equipments
  • Save you a lot of prime space requirements and hence the related expenses
  • Teach you the secrets of good programing
  • Beat out your competition the smart way

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