Pre-Wired Radio Station Kit

Once you have decided the transmission power for your radio station, you can select to assemble each required component to match your transmitter or you can order a pre-wired kit which enables you to start broadcasting without worrying about compatibility issues between equipment from different suppliers.

Most of the pre-wired kit cover at least the following equipment:

(1) Transmitter
(2) Antenna
(3) Automation Computer
(4) Audio Mixer
(5) Microphone and Microphone Boom
(6) MP103 CD/MP3/USB Deck
(7) Studio Monitors
(8) Headphone
(9) Mixer Interface
(10) Associated Cable

Many pre-wired kit also come with a wide assortment of related studio equipment like Headphones, ‘On Air’ Light & other support equipment.

The best part about using pre-wired kit is that it offers a kind of complete turnkey solution. In addition, you can also fix the accountability with the supplier through annual maintenance contracts. Most of the kits come with warranty.

This in fact ensures that you can worry about more important aspects of running your radio station like program design, program delivery and revenue generation.

You can check out a large number of pre-wired radio station kit at  On offer are small, medium and large RADIO STATION KITS , both in equipment only packages and complete Pre-Wired Radio Stations.


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