Organizational Structure of a Radio Station

While the structure and nomenclature of radio station departments may vary for each station and company, a typical radio station will have the following departments (or will at least cater to the

Must-Have Software Programs for Radio Station

A lot of functions that were managed using costly equipments until a few year back are now entrusted to software programs. This has not only reduced the radio station setup cost considerably,

How to attract advertisers to pay for radio commericals

Creating a stable revenue stream is the greatest challenge to be handled when starting a radio station. Access to a stable income source for the radio station means that you can hire

Choosing Antenna for your Radio station

Understanding basics of antenna used in a radio station An antenna is a transducer that is used to change incoming radio frequency electric current to signals for radiation into the space as

How to start FM radio station

Start FM radio station …. using your household computer and some inexpensive and easy to install equipments. What if I told you that you could add a few pieces of relatively inexpensive

Screencast: Setting up a Radio Station

How to Start an open-source radio station Start an Online Radio Station with Shoutcast

Start community radio station

Start community radio station Today, I came  across a girl who has been trying to mobilize  funds to start a community radio station. She has been doing this for the last 3

Tentative Cost of Starting a Radio Station

There is a misplaced notion amongst many that it involves huge cost to start radio station. This keeps many people at bay from venturing here. This was true up to a few

Types of Radio Station

The first step to start radio station is to decide an appropriate method for transmission. This post will explain the most common transmission options 1. Low Power FM   A Low Power

How to start radio station

If you are interested in learning How to start radio station business of your own, this check list will guide you through the entire process. How to start Radio Station : 4