Start a Radio station in South Africa

If you plan to start a radio station in South Africa you will have to obtain a broadcasting license from  Independent Communications Authority of South Africa,which is authorized to issue licenses, manage

Start a Radio Station in U.K

To start a radio station in U.K you will have to obtain a broadcast license from Ofcom, Riverside House, 2a Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9HA which is the regulator and competition authority

Start a radio station in Canada

To Start a radio station in Canada, you need to obtain license from Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) which is a part of the Minister of Canadian Heritage and which has

Start a Radio Station in the USA

If you plan to start a radio station in the USA, we can undertake turnkey projects and set up a radio station for you in less than two months time. (subject to

Estimation of Recurring expenses for Radio station Business Plan

Staff expenses forms a major monthly recurring expense for a typical radio station. This constitutes approximately 60-70% of the total monthly expenses of a radio station. Thus if you can keep proper

Radio Station Business plan: Preparing financial projections

Financial projections form an important component of a radio station business plan. A well drafted financial project report holds the key to getting quick license and then to get funds from banks

Starting Christian Radio Station – Pitfalls to avoid

Starting a Christian radio is perhaps one of the best ways to spread the gospel. To start a christian radio station is an easy task. But if you look back at the

Content Planning for a Radio Station set up

Content planning forms a vital aspect of managing the day to day activities at a radio station. What constitutes radio station content? Content refers to all programs that are to be broadcast

Drafting Policy for a radio station start up

A foresighted management is the foundation of any organization and an radio station is no exception to it. And this foresightedness must be put in black and white and made available to

Cost to Set up a Radio Station

Costs involved in setting up a radio station can be broadly classified under two heads – 1. Estimating one time costs (Capital expenditure) 2. Estimating recurring working capital costs. (Expenses) These post