Organizational Structure of a Radio Station

While the structure and nomenclature of radio station departments may vary for each station and company, a typical radio station will have the following departments (or will at least cater to the following functions under the garb of a different name or structure):


The production department of  a radio station consists of the Production staff, Operations staff and on air personalities  like hosts, co-host, anchors, disc jockeys or radio jockeys what ever you call them.

The Production department makes certain that all program contents and commercials are timely produced and lined up for timely broadcast. The Operation department supervises the smooth operations of the radio station.

The on-air personalities deliver the contents to the listeners and are the face of the radio station. The production department is also assisted by the traffic managers who plan the broadcast of these commercials on air.

The Creative Department aids the production department with content support. This department is also connected to the production department. The creative department consists of copy writers who write well designed scripts for the commercials and for the programs.


This department is responsible for generating direct revenue for the radio station by selling air time to advertisers. The department consists of several persons who perform different functions ranging from a Sales head who supervises the functioning of the entire department to make certain the revenue target are met.

The department has a large number of sales men who approach advertisers and prospective advertisers to sell the air time and to negotiate the terms and the payment details with these advertisers.


The accounts/finance department of a radio station set up is in- charge of handling the all revenues and expenses in a controlled environment. The primary function this is to ensure that dues from advertisers are collected in a timely manner and similarly all payments like utilities, salary and others are done on time.

It also handles all legal or financial matters relating to mobilizing funds from the market. The finance department additionally looks after departments like auditing and taxation.


The administrative department of a radio station is responsible for smooth management of processes of the radio station. Functions include managing logistics, managing proper house keeping, handling security measures at the radio station, handling office boys, arranging for traveling, boarding and lodging for radio station officials and guests.


Running a radio station is a complex affair. The length and breadth of people that go into running a radio station is large.

However smaller radio stations ventures or those just starting out need not fret. On a smaller scale it is not uncommon for radio stations to merge a lot of responsibilities to create smaller and more streamlined organizations with single managers wearing many hats.