Mistakes of Community Radio

A Community radio is primarily a non profit organization intended to improve the quality of life of people by disemminating information, education and entertainment.

Community radio stations open up new avenues and choices for its listener base by offering them diverse news, information, new knowledge, vocational training, religious understanding, appraciation of art and local culture, technological developments, art, health related issues and other other subjects of public interest and concerns.

Information is power and by disemminating infomration to the grass roots these community radio stations actually empower the grass root to take onus of its own development.

It also sets up accountability and vests the people with the power to question the efficacy, accountability and transparancy of the bearucracy and the related systems in place.

Given all these advantages, a community radio station is a powerful medium for fueling growth at the grass roots.

However sadly the success story of Community stations is only seen few and far between. The primary reasons why Community stations have failed to leave a mark in most of the cases can be attributed to the follwoing reasons

1. Absence of clear cut mission and objectives.

2. Failure to do a proper assessment of its sustainability.
3. Absence of transparency in its operations.
4. Non participation of the actual grass roots worker.
5. ImproperOrganisational structure
6. ImproperProgramming and production.
7. Inadequate Training
8. Lack of Technical skills
9. High level of obsolensence
10 Non cosideration of Financial sustainability
11. Unrealistic Budgeting
12. Not properly planed Fundraising
13. Improper handling of regualtory requirements
To conclude,we reccomend community radio stations to follow the same level of professionalism as is shown by commercial radio stations to be able to sustain in the long run. The methods to be followed are clearly laid down in the book – A step by step guide to start a commercial radio station. Community radion stations are no exception to the rules laid down in the book.