Human resource requirement for starting a radio station

70% of  monthly expenses of a typical radio station business are spend on paying salaries and other staff expenses. Thus proper human resource planning forms the key to starting a radio station.

This also forms an essential component of your radio station license application. As the owner of a radio station you will have to do a  comprehensive Human resource planning  as a part of the radio station business plan.

This involves estimating the right number and right  kind of people required for running the radio station.This also helps you arrive at a cost estimate for Human resource  management.

Estimating HR requirements

A radio station requires services of the several personnels. We list below a list of staff members and a brief  description of the jobs they undertake –

1. President / Owner– Essentially the owner of the radio station. In charge of the overall supervision. All prime strategic decisions for the radio station require the content of the president, Over all supervision of the major  operational issues of the radio station including program production, delivery, sales, advertising, finance and growth plans.
2. Program Producers – A program producer is in charge of creating unique and content rich programs. A producer should be highly creative with excellent writing and editing skills. He should be able to deliver quality program ideas and contents within short deadlines. A large station could employ separate producers for separate contents like news, sports, music etc.

3. Promotion Producers – This person is responsible for creating promotional contents for broadcast. Startup radio stations use a common resource both as a Program producer and a promotion producer.

4. Production Assistants – Production assistants are hired to assist
the program producers, in case of increased work loads.

5. Chief Engineer and the technical team – This person is responsible
for managing all technical aspects involved in broadcasting including upkeep and maintenance of all studio and broadcasting equipments.

6. Anchors/Hosts/ Co-hosts – They are the face of a radio station. There primary job involves delivering program scripts in a lively manner. They might additionally be asked to write their own content or to participate as an ambassador of the radio station in various public functions.
7. Operations Manager – An operations manager is responsible for ensuring proper management of all non technical and non creative works in the radio station. This includes managing all correspondence with external stakeholders, vendors,managing salary payments, maintenance and filing of all records and proper office organization. The operations manager may be assisted by accountants, office managers and front office executives etc.
8. Advertising Sales & Sales Executive – This consists of a team of
people who are responsible for approaching potential advertisers and selling and persuading them to broadcast their commercials on the radio station. The team has to design lucrative offers and launch them to attract advertisers to pay for their commercials.

With this we come to the end of this post. Please note that this article aims at teaching you the various functions undertaken in a radio station. You may choose your own designations, roles may also be exchanged amongst these people as long as all the functions are being taken adequate care of.

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