How much does it Cost to Start a Radio Station?

A lot of people often ask me this question – how much does it cost to start a radio station ?

The problem however is that no one can give you an abolute amount.

The total cost of would depend upon a large number of factors like the country where you want to start radio station business, the choice of radio station equipments – whether you decide to buy indigenous or export equipments and the scale on which you want to operate.

To give you an idea.. While large radio stations have incurred billions, you can set a portable radio station for even as low as USD 200 (check UNICEF mobile radio program)

If you are really interested in knowing the costs involved, and if you are ready to spend a few hours reading books and researching you can easily calculate your own cost estimation.

Listed below is a breakdown of major costs. You take up each head and decide how much you would be spending on this.

Costs involved in setting up a radio station can be broadly
classified under two heads –

1. Estimating one time costs (Capital expenditure)

2. Estimating recurring working capital costs. (Expenses)

A brief discussion of  ONE TIME costs

We start with the setup costs. While the list could be virtually
endless, we list down just the major cost heads over here. You
can add costs which are specific to your proposal.

Some prominent, one-time costs involved in setting a radio
station include :

1. Cost of purchasing production equipments
2. Cost of purchasing transmission equipments
3. Installation costs
4. Cost on owning/leasing a studio
5. Studio Designing and layout costs
6. Cost of furnitures & fixtures for the studio
7. Cost of purchasing Software
8. Costs incurred on royalty payments for setting a music
9. Installation cost of power supply equipments
10. Costs for installation of other utilities
11. Payments for startup Legal advice

Remember that, if you are purchasing equipments from other
countries, you may have to add excise duty (which is
sometimes as high as 30-40%) and the associated shipping
and installation costs.

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