Free Radio Station Business Plan

A lot many people ask us for free radio station business plans.  Earlier I used to simply handover the radio station business plan of an existing radio station. But now, I have a better suggestion for people who come to me asking for a ready made plan.

If you are really keen on setting up a radio station, I would suggest you to read through the tutorials posted on this website. The resources are posted under various headings

Financial Planning

Will give you an insight into the financial resources required to start a radio station. You can download a free book titled “Essential Financial Planning for starting a radio station” and use the templates provided in the book to draft your own customized financial plan in a matter of few hours.

Handling Technology Issues

Start with a basic understanding of the equipment required to start a FM radio station. Once you get a grasp of things, head over to Broadcast World to learn about the pre-wired kits that they ship world-wide. Discuss the technical feasibility with the engineers at broadcast world. They are friendly people and would be glad to discuss your project.

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Organizational Planning

Read the article Organizational Structure of a Radio Station for an in-depth discussion on the subject. There you will learn about the organizational structure of a typical radio station and the functions undertaken by the different tiers of teams at a radio station.

You compile all these at one place and you are ready with your fully customized and free radio station business plan, that you wanted.

If you want all this collated at one place and much more, you can download this complete radio station business plan blueprint kit for a small price.