Drafting Policy for a radio station start up

A foresighted management is the foundation of any organization and an radio station is no exception to it. And this foresightedness must be put in black and white and made available to all the tiers of the organization to ensure that the priorities and the processes are understood by one and all. This is where drafting a policy for a radio station start up becomes so essential.

A radio station policy should be so laid down that it ensures an effective implementation. The policies must primarily cover the four departments of a radio station: Administration, Programme, Sales & Marketing, and News & current affairs.

Running a radio station is not just about producing programmes, hosting talk shows, playing music, and news reporting. The activity that takes place behind the seemingly perfect transmission regimen is hectic and anxiety ridden. Without a properly qualified and experienced leader who sets the overall direction and policy, a radio station is not likely to survive for long.

Freedom of expression is the basis of any civilized society and the broadcasters have the right to free expression. However with this right comes a major responsibility. A radio station exercises major influence on a large section of audience. The sheer reach and popularity of a radio station makes the job of a broadcaster very critical and responsible one.

Radio owners need to understand that by getting license for use of a broadcast frequency, they are the privileged section of the society as they have been provided access to frequency resources which are otherwise limited. Getting commercially viable is quiet an easy thing for a radio station. This can be done by adopting aggressive sales tactics of undue monetizing of program contents. This however dilutes the quality of content being broadcast.

As a prospective radio station owner you must know how to strike a balance between undue commercialization and a total lack of economic angle. Draw your lines from the very beginning and this should not be a very difficult task later on.

This not only means drawing lines for yourself as a radio station owner but also setting normative guidelines for all your employees. Remember that you will be held responsible for all acts done by your employees, in the eyes of the law. Its therefore necessary to get proper indemnity agreements signed with all your employees at the time of their employment.

Well you will agree that setting up a radio station is an exhaustive topic, much beyond the scope of a few articles on the subject. Therefore we have drafted a complete blueprint kit that you can download by clicking on the image link above.

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