Download the definitive step-by-step book on how to a start a radio station from scratch

How to start radio station: radio station business plan

Step-by-Step tutorial to Start a commercial radio station

  Book Excerpt  

                                    Author is a veteran Industry consultant who has helped many starters.

                                    Used  as a reference book & checklist to draw radio station start up blueprint. 

                                    Covers every thing required,designed to teach even absolute starters.

                                    Basic concepts & industry jargon explained in plain simple English.

                                    Each chapter followed by to-do-templates’ to monitor progress.

                                    Used to draw customized business plan with easy ‘fill-in-templates’.

                                    Used to prepare investor’s report to raise funds.

                                    Explains 24 vital start mistakes to be avoided when starting a radio station.

                                    Not specific to any country, easy to customize as per local laws.

                                    Methods can also be applied to set a Community or Christian radio station.

                                    Backed by exhaustive forum support where you can raise queries.

                                    Get affordable consultancy services if you want further support.


Letter from the Author

From : Bhaskar Chaudhary

Dear Friend,

Are you planning to start a radio station?  If so, Pay attention!

About me – I am a start up consultant and I have worked in the Industry for the more than 5 years. It took me 5 years to learn the entire process. During this period, I
have helped 27 new start ups. Even as I write this, I am consulting 3 new proposals from across the globe.


Motivations behind the book

Starting in this uncommon Industry with little scope for mentor ship wasn’t very comfortable for me. Established consultants back then used to act very pricey.Whatever little reading resources was available was more academic than practical.

During these 5 years,I observed that not many people take up the business of setting up their own radio station. Still worst, many people quit because of lack of freely
available pertinent information on the subject.

Business consultants charge hefty amounts for letting you know all these.Even then, they will not let you know the so-called secrets of the trade because it is their
bread and butter.

Absence of mentor ship is the result why many people keep out of this business. And this is the reason why the business is wrongly stereo typed as a ‘tough business’ when it is like any other brick and mortar business.

To address this need of budding radio station entrepreneurs, I wrote this definitive
step-by-step book that will literally hand hold even a beginner through the entire process of starting a commercially viable radio station.

Why is this book so unique ? 

This book will not only help you plan, but will also help you easily execute it on the ground. Each section of the book is followed by easy “To-do List” with ‘fill-in templates’.

If you keep filling in the templates before moving to the next section, you will have a ready made radio station business plan that would have been executed to a large extent by the time you finish reading these 50 pages.

Why is it priced so low ?

You might ask, Why have I priced it so low? (just below $10-which is literally peanuts).

I will give you three vital reasons for that. 

First, My primary idea is to reach to a large number of radio enthusiasts and as long as I can recover my hosting charges, I am pretty happy with it.

Second, this is an eBook & it does not cost me anything extra to distribute it. I was
earlier charging USD 60 for this book but I have deliberately lowered the price after
the severe credit crunch in the economy that has really curtailed our spending preferences.And I aim to keep it low till the time the credit crunch in the economy lasts.

Third and most importantly – This book is priceless for me. It means five precious years of my life and I am not here to bargain those years by selling it at a a higher price.

My greatest reward comes when some one using the book actually ends up setting up a radio station. 

What if I cannot afford USD 9.97 for the book ?

If you cannot afford USD 9.97 (specially applicable for people from not so developed countries or if it is for charitable cause), write to us at

We will mail you a copy of the book, in return for a promise that you will make good use of the book.

Well, enough of explanations !

After all these, I don’t want you to be just thinking about starting a radio station. I want you to go ahead and learn about this exciting venture.



Author & start-up consultant