Tentative Cost of Starting a Radio Station

There is a misplaced notion amongst many that it involves huge cost to start radio station. This keeps many people at bay from venturing here.

This was true up to a few years back but things have really changed in the recent years. With advent of many new and inexpensive software programs that have taken over the functioning of old bulky equipment – the cost has reduced considerably.

You also don’t need to spend fortunes on studio. (you could begin quality broadcasting from your basement).

I wanted to refrain from giving any figures becuase a lot of it depends on the cost of licesning and cost of setting up a studio – which may vary from place to place. Just to give you an idea the cost of licensing may be up to 75% of the total cost in some countries.

But for the many queries, here is a tentative figure that estimates the cost of equipment for setting up a decent radio station.

This is only for you to have something to chew upon. You surely understand that there can be a lot of variation in specific situations

Cost Head Approximate Cost
2 Microphone + Accessories $2000.002
Computers $2000.00 (orlower)
Mixer $1,000.00
Amplifier $300.00
Speakers & Mounts $300.00
Software $500.00
Distribution Amplifier $400. 00
Receiver kit $3000.00
Transmitter + Accessories $7000.00 upwards (depends on its wattage)
Miscellaneous transmission equipments $1000.00
Transmitter Site Receiver $5000.00
Audio Processor $3000.00
1000w transmitter $6000.00
Antenna $2500.00
Interface panel remote control $5000.00
Miscellaneous $1000.00

The figures mentioned here are the median costs of equipments and have been provided here just to give you an idea of equipments that go into setting up a radio station.

You would agree that estimating cost for setting up a radio station is an exhaustive topic – much beyond the scope of a few random articles on the subject.