Cost to Set up a Radio Station

Costs involved in setting up a radio station can be broadly classified under two heads –

1. Estimating one time costs (Capital expenditure)

2. Estimating recurring working capital costs. (Expenses)

These post discuses the one time setup costs or the capital expenditure expected if you set up a radio station.

While the list could be virtually endless, we list down just the major cost heads over here. You can add costs which are specific to your proposal. The more exhaustive is your estimation, better will be your final project report, saving you from a lot of problems later on. Some prominent, one-time costs involved in setting a radio station include:

1. Cost of purchasing production equipments – like mixer ,audio processors, microphones, recording equipments etc.

2. Cost of purchasing transmission equipments – like transmitters, antenna,

3. Installation costs for both the transmission and studio equipments.

4. Cost on owning/leasing a studio as the case may be.

5. Studio Designing and layout costs

6. Cost of furniture & fixtures for the studio – include cost incurred on mixing table and rack mounts for all equipments in addition to the normal furniture costs.

7. Cost of purchasing Software – mixing software, recording, audio processing, commercial break management software, filler software and other plug-ins

8. Costs incurred on royalty payments for setting a music library – include cost of fixed library plus cost of adding new chart buster songs every now and then.

9. Installation cost of power supply equipments – includes spend on power supply equipments, back up power arrangements like UPS.

10. Costs for installation of other utilities

11. Payments for start up Legal advice and registration expenses

Remember that, if you are purchasing equipments from other countries, you may have to add excise duty (which is sometimes as high as 30-40%) and the associated shipping and installation costs.

I am sure you will agree that a discussion on starting a radio station is an exhaustive topic, much beyond the scope of just a small article like this on the subject. Therefore we have drafted a complete blueprint kit that has been drawn on the models of an extremely successful radio station. This is an exhaustive treatment on the subject and  you can download by clicking on the image link above.

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