Contents of a Radio Station Business Plan

There are no hard & fast rules for drafting a radio station business plan. However it should at least have the following sections –

• Table of Contents – This is nothing but the index of contents of the business plan.
• I. Introduction – Simply lays down statements which clarify the objects behind writing the business plan.It would somewhat read like –

“Presented below is a Business plan for setting up a XXX watt commercial radio station in the name and style of ‘Radio PPP’ at {location}. The proposed radio station is targeted at {describe your niche} plus some other vital details about the radio station.”

• II. Executive Summary – This is a summary of the business plan and is ideally written after you have completed your business plan.

• II.I The Company – Explains the details of the company – the name, its constitution, its vintage, its experience in related field, its board members details and their job description in the proposed radio station.

• IV. The Market – the market size & its classification in terms of various attributes

• V. Competition – the number of existing radio stations operating in the market, each of their target segment plus their strengths and weaknesses.

• VI. Setting up – The process to be followed, the budget allocated for all major cost heads,the provisions made for the major capital expenditure items and other details.

• VII Operations – the team that would look after the operations and other key operational variables for the proposed radio station.

• VIII Income Breakup of radio station – Projected Income of the radio station for the next few years and the presumptions on which it is based.

• IX Branding & Promotional exercises – self explanatory.

• X Financial Analysis – complete financial feasibility, projections, fund flow statement, key financial indicators, ratio analysis as compared to standard industry ratios, costing, breakeven analysis, capital budgeting etc.

• XI Implementation timeline – a detailed time schedule, preferably charting out the inter dependency using tools like Gantt Charts.

• Appendix – every thing else.

All this together combined form a standard radio station business plan. Remember the thumb rule – the greater the details provided, the better.