Content Planning for a Radio Station set up

Content planning forms a vital aspect of managing the day to day activities at a radio station.

What constitutes radio station content? Content refers to all programs that are to be broadcast through the  radio station. This includes songs, remarks of the anchor; fill in matter, documentaries, news, views, discussions, debates, commercials and every thing that is received at the listener’s end.

A typical radio station set up devices and builds up contents on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even for a longer period in certain cases.

These contents echo the policy and plans as set out by the top management of the radio station. Therefore the creative team and the production department should take due care while deciding the broadcast content.

Planning content is a tough and for that matter a very tricky task. First of all, It involves assessing the tastes and preferences of the listener and then deciding what would best attract the listener while sticking with the content policies for the radio station as well as complying to several statutory rules and conventions. All people engaged in developing content for the radio station set up should therefore reflect on these factors during the process.

Some of the important factors are discussed in detail in the following sections –


Local geographic approach

An FM radio station has a narrow and well defined catchments area of broadcast. The content should strictly adhere to the tastes and preferences of the catchments. Developing a thorough understanding of the demography and the regional typicality is the first step to be undertaken before designing the content. People from each geographical location have unique set of preferences and a radio station program designer must be aware of the demands emanating from these factors.

Linking local audience with channel objective

Having said that, a radio station will also have its own set of objectives to meet which some times may be conflicting with the demands of the location. In such a situation, it is imperative to do a fine balancing act to some how coordinate these two conflicting interests. While developing contents for such a radio station, the program manager must look out for common links that could resolve this conflict of objectives.

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