Pre-Wired Radio Station Kit

Once you have decided the transmission power for your radio station, you can select to assemble each required component to match your transmitter or you can order a pre-wired kit which enables

Equipment for a Computer-based Recording Studio

Whether you are a garage band member or a wannabe radio station enthusiast, the range of equipment for a computer based recording studio can get into an endless list of desirables. The

Contents of a Radio Station Business Plan

There are no hard & fast rules for drafting a radio station business plan. However it should at least have the following sections – • Table of Contents – This is nothing

Acquiring a Broadcast License

Most of the countries worldwide have a system of granting license for broadcasting, given the scarcity of broadcast frequencies as compared to the resources competing for these licenses.  Unlicensed broadcast (also known

How to Set up a Sustainable Community Radio Station

A lot many people ask us as to how to set up a sustainable community radio station. Sustainability of community radio stations is a major concern being discussed across the globe. Absence

Setting up a Nonprofit Radio Station

A non profit radio station varies in terms of its intent from a  Commercial radio station. But the processes involved in  Setting up a non profit radio station is almost exctly similar

Mistakes of Community Radio

A Community radio is primarily a non profit organization intended to improve the quality of life of people by disemminating information, education and entertainment. Community radio stations open up new avenues and

Free Radio Station Business Plan

A lot many people ask us for free radio station business plans.  Earlier I used to simply handover the radio station business plan of an existing radio station. But now, I have

Start a Radio Station in Australia

If you plan to start a radio station in Australia, you will need to obtain a license from the office of Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) which issues licenses, regulates the

How to Start a Community Radio Station

Before you think about starting a community radio station, you firstly need a registered non profit organization . For this you will need to register a group either as a society, association,